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Mariska Hammerstein
The therapist
Water has always been an important factor in my life. I love swimming and sailing (preferably at sea). By profession I am a writer, translator, and editor. But sitting behind a computer all day long isn't very appealing to me. I also want to work with people, work with my hands. So at the end of the 90-ies I became a qualified and licensed ZenShiatsu therapist. When I learned about Watsu in 2004 ' a combination of Shiatsu and warm water ' I didn't hesitate
for one moment to register for my first Watsu training. I've been giving Watsu sessions for many years now, and I'm always happy to see people relax during the gentle, fluid movements in the water. I invite you to give yourself a treat with this unique, caring treatment.
ZenShiatsu School 1997-2000
Anatomy 1999
Physiology & Pathology 2003
Watsu I 2004
Watsu II 2005
Healing Dance 2011
Watsu Wellness Provider 2012

The Watsu trainings are provided by Watsu Nederland, the only Watsu organization in the Netherlands acknowledged by WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association) and Harold Dull, the American ZenShiatsu therapist who invented and developed Watsu' during the 80-ies and
90-ies at the Harbin Hot Springs, California.