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Watsu Amsterdam
What is Watsu?
For who?
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For who?
Watsu is voor everybody who loves water and massages! Being moved around in the water is really without compare'

People without specific problems or ailments, can do this for sheer relaxation. Spine, joints
and muscles will be loosened, and energy blockades in the meridian will be released.
For people with too much stress or even a burnout, Watsu is very relaxing and healing. Pregnant women can also enjoy the benefits
of a Watsu session, especially in the last weeks
of their pregnancy.

Known effects of Watsu besides a deep relaxation are: lowering of heartbeat and
blood pressure, slower and deeper breathing, stimulation of cell metabolism, stretching of
(too) short muscles, more agility of joints,
more flexibility and lengthening of spine
and more flexibility of connective tissue.

Many people experiencean ease of their pains, and they often tell me they sleep better after a Watsu session.
Watsu is highly recommended for people with stiffness in joints and muscles, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, neck and shoulder problems, asthma, RSI, osteoporosis, and many other ailments and pains.